New Treatment for Pancreatic cancer!

What a great new treatment for pancreatic cancers that cannot be removed by surgery! Hats off to the docs at the University of Indiana for using endoscopic photodynamic therapy (light delivered by GI doctors through endoscopy) to activate cancer killing chemicals.

This technology is cutting edge and not ready for prime-time, but great that people are finding new ways to treat unresectable pancreatic cancer, even though this isn't can't cure. 

The only way to offer a cure for pancreatic adenocarcinoma or the most common pancreatic cancer is by surgery. When we perform pancreatic surgery, either by Whipple or Laparoscopic Distal / Left Pancreatectomy, we completely remove the tumor and all the lymph nodes. This gives the complete and most accurate staging but also definitiveily treats the main cancer and lymph nodes. 

If you have pancreatic cancer, you should get the expert opinion of a specially trained surgeon as part of a team approach to your disease. We can help determine what is the best treatment for you. 

Neil H. Bhayani, M.D., MHS, FACS Cancer Surgery & Gastroesophageal / Foregut Surgery

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