BREAST CENTER - Premier multidisciplinary breast cancer team

BREAST CENTER - Premier multidisciplinary breast cancer team

At the Association of South Bay Surgeons, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to patients diagnosed with breast cancer. In the U.S., breast cancer remains a leading cause of cancer deaths for women, only second to lung cancer.

About 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.  Certainly, we are all directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer. The cornerstone of cure is early diagnosis and treatment.

Our center brings together the South Bay’s premier multidisciplinary breast cancer team to address all your surgical needs. Our breast cancer surgeons coordinate complex treatment planning with all team members, providing a comprehensive approach to both benign and malignant diseases of the breast. We collaborate closely with other specialists at the Torrance Memorial Breast Diagnostic Center and the Providence Little Company of Mary Torrance Woman’s Imaging Center.

Our breast surgeons work with each patient to create an individualized surgical plan that will provide the best outcome. Some surgical options include:

Here at the Association of South Bay Surgeons, our specialty is compassionate and individualized care. Our surgeons have delivered the latest advances in breast cancer surgical treatment to women in the South Bay for over 25 years. We will continue our mission to translate information from the ever-evolving field of breast cancer research to our patients.

We at ASBS look forward to evaluating and treating your patients.

Call us at:  310-373-6864 for a consultation appointment

Rashaan Ali-Jones M.D., FACS

General, Breast, and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery


Princeton University

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, 1996

Princeton, NJ

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine, 2003

New York, NY


Mount Sinai Medical Center

General Surgery, 2003-2004

New York, NY


Mount Sinai Medical Center

General Surgery, 2004-2008

New York, NY

Certifications / Memberships:

American Board of Surgery

Fellow, American College of Surgeons

American College of Women Surgeons

Subcommittee – Torrance Memorial

Medical Center

Company of Mary Torrance Tumor Board

Rashaan Ali-Jones M.D., FACS General, Breast, and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

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