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Many surgery patients now opt for robotic surgery. This type of surgery is much less invasive than open surgery, and allows for faster recovery. The team at Association of South Bay Surgeons in Torrance, California and San Pedro, CA, helps patients consider their surgical options. Contact the office today for an appointment or consultation.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What’s robotic surgery used for?  

Robotic surgery is used for a variety of procedures. It's commonly used in bariatric surgeries, because robotic surgery allows for improved surgical precision and faster patient recovery. Bariatric surgery has traditionally been considered a more invasive surgeries, but robotic surgery offers a better solution. Robotic surgery is now widely considered to be a preferable alternative to open surgery whenever possible.

How is robotic surgery different from laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery have some things in common, namely that they offer a less invasive alternative to open surgery. However, with laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon must alternate between looking at the surgical instruments and looking at the video display monitor. With robotic surgery, surgical instruments are controlled by robotic arms. The surgeon sits near the patient at a control console and controls the robotic arm movement. The surgeon performs the entire operation with their gaze centered on the video monitor, which allows them to have the most detailed and precise view of the surgical area possible.

Can robotic surgery be used for complex surgeries?

Yes, robotic surgery can now be used in even more complicated surgical procedures. For example, bariatric surgery once required large incisions, sometimes 10 inches or more in length. Today, robotic surgical techniques allow for the incision size to be greatly reduced. Bariatric surgery patients may have a group of small incisions, all under half an inch in size when using robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is also used for procedures like hysterectomy, liver surgery, gallbladder surgery, and even many cancer removal surgeries.

What’s recovery like?

After robotic surgery, recovery depends very much on the individual patient and the specific procedure. For the more minor robotic surgeries, patients often get back to their usual routines within a week or less. Some patients return home the day of the procedure, while others may need to stay a couple days so they can be monitored. In general, recovery from robotic surgery is shorter, less painful, and involves less bleeding and bruising.