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People who suffer from aneurysms, blockage of the carotid artery, peripheral vascular disease, or other vascular diseases or conditions need a physician who specializes in this area. The Association of South Bay Surgeons in Torrance, California and San Pedro, CA, has highly experienced vascular surgeons who can help.

Vascular Disease Q & A

What’s the vascular lab?

The vascular lab allows patients to have non-invasive ultrasound and physiologic vascular tests at the Association of South Bay Surgeons facility rather than in a hospital setting. The state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment is operated by a specially trained technologist, which provides the most accurate readings of artery and vein disorders. Ultrasound test results help in the diagnosis of circulatory issues. The studies are pain-free and are generally quite fast. The highly skilled surgeons of Association of South Bay Surgeons interpret the test results. Once patients begin treatment, they return for follow-up studies to check stability and measure the level of improvement in the vascular disease.

What’s a venous doppler evaluation?

A venous doppler evaluation employs ultrasound technology to make a 2D image of the veins. This type of test helps the doctor diagnose blood clots or deep vein thrombosis. A venous doppler evaluation also obtains vein measurements prior to bypass surgery.

What’s a carotid duplex exam?

A carotid duplex exam is an ultrasound focusing on the carotid arteries within the neck. This type of exam identifies blockages or artery narrowing that could indicate a stroke.

What’s endovascular surgery?

Endovascular surgery is the newest vascular surgery technique. This technique uses only small incisions rather than the very long ones in open surgeries. This smaller incision size means quicker healing, less bleeding, and a far shorter recovery time overall. Endovascular surgery treats a variety of conditions including renal artery stenosis, cerebral stroke, and aortic aneurysms.

What’s a dialysis access?

Dialysis is the most often used treatment for kidney failure. The dialysis machine functions as an artificial kidney that takes impurities out of the blood. The dialysis access is the entry point into the bloodstream. This access point may be in the arm, leg, or neck. Dialysis access allows the bloodstream to be accessed, which allows the patient's blood to be purified in the dialysis machine. The newly purified blood is then sent back into the veins, again via the dialysis access.